I came down for my favorite sandwich and you were sold out.  WTF?       

Sorry about that.  We make everything fresh every morning in the amount we think we'll sell.  We do our best to guess right, but we occasionally miss and it takes hours to roast the meat and we can't quickly heat up more.  If you are coming for a specific item, please call ahead to make sure we still have it.

Is everything really made from scratch?                                                                         

Yes.  Every morning our bread starts out as flour, yeast and water.  Nothing else.  The mayo begins the day as eggs, salad oil and vinegar.  The turkey breast is cut directly from the bird in house and dry brined in salt, herbs and spices with no additives.  Sides and soups are made completely in house.  Our bacon is cured and roasted on premises.

I had this awesome special the other day, when will you make it again?         

We have no idea.  We love making sandwiches and are continually trying out new things, so whatever strikes our fancy is what we make for a special.  If a special was well received you'll definitely see it again, we just don't know exactly when until the day we make it.

What's Porchetta?                                                                                         

In Italy it is a boned whole pig stuffed with herbs and spices and roasted for a day. In our case it is boneless pork loin, rubbed down with herbs and spices with a skin-on pork belly (uncured bacon) wrapped around it.  The lean loin combined with the rich belly and cracklins from the skin produce a sandwich like you've never had before.